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The annual Grain Catalog not only contains information about each grain and the farmers who grew them, but also otherwise untold stories of the California grain revival.

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Farmers and Grains 

Updated November 16, 2016
  • Capay Mills
  • Front Porch Farm
  • Full Belly Farm
    photo credit: Susan Cohen Byrne
  • Rancho Llano Seco
    photo credit: Farmrun
  • T & A Farm
  • Weiser Family Farms
  • Viriditas Farm
    photo credit: Paige Green

Want to be listed in this Catalog?

We are glad to support small scale California grain farmers and help them expand their markets. Farmers who meet the following conditions will be considered for the catalog. Please send inquiries to

  • Farm in California
  • Grow grains on less than 150 acres, annually
  • Agree to promote all farmers in the catalog equally

How to purchase these grains

Thank you for your interest in sourcing whole grains from small-scale, California farmers.

Please contact the farmers directly using the information provided on their profile page to discuss quantity, price, and make delivery arrangements. All grains are offered as whole grains, unless noted otherwise.

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