20% by 2020 Campaign

20% by 2020 Campaign

We want to ensure that small scale California grain farmers can get their whole grain to eaters, and for eaters to have easy access to healthful, local whole grain products. The obvious site that brings together local producers and eaters is the farmers’ market.

The California Grain Campaign drew inspiration from Greenmarket Grains that requires New York farmers’ market vendors to use 15% local grain. This has helped sustain farmers, create jobs, and boost the local food economy in New York. If New York can do it, so can we!

The 20 x ’20 Campaign works with California farmer’s market organizations to require a minimum of 20% locally grown whole grain in products sold in those markets by 2020. That means that in 2020, you can bite into a farmers’ market pretzel and 20% will be delicious locally grown, whole grain.

You can help us achieve this goal.

Farmers’ markets that have adopted 20 x ’20:

Mar Vista Farmers’ Market
Beverly Hills Farmers’ Market
La Cienega Farmers’ Market
Torrance Farmers’ Market
Santa Monica Farmers’ Market

Let us know how you’d like to further the campaign

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